The training products were placed on evolving manner and we have started the journey with training of Community Cadres for our time tested model like Pashu Sakhi and CLM with partners, which helped to fine tune our module and methodology to develop SoP for designing more effective tools and designed new training modules for org. Heads, CSR team, Project Implementing teams, budding entrepreneurs, Breeding practitioners through AI, Micro leasing in Goat & poultry, Backyard poultry and hatchery management, rural Internship, ToT on Training Techniques, Produces Company, vision building process through Regional workshop, college workshop. We are open with the evolving process for need based training…….

1- Training on Artificial Insemination & Improved Breeding Management in Goats

2- Training on Community based Micro Leasing for Small Livestock (Goat/Duck/Hen)

3- Training Programme on Planning & Management Community Livestock Business Center (CLBC)

4- Orientation on Mini Commercial Goat Farming

5- Training on Mini Rural Hatchery Management & Backyard Poultry

6- Orientation of Young Professionals on Livestock based Livelihood Planning & Management

7- Training of Intern’s Immersion Framework (Community Livestock Manager)

8- Training of Community Trainer on Training Skill,Report Writing & Photo Documentry

9- Training of Rural Youths on Social Enterpreneurship

10- Training on Organic Livestock Production & Herbal based treatment

11- Training programme on Livestock based Farmer Producer Orgnisation.