Our Mission & Vision

Goats are increasingly used to augment cash income and enhance food security, thus serving as an important component in household’s livelihood strategies across the globe, particularly in dry land areas and poor families. Around 47% of poor families are engaged in goat farming and making it largest supplementary source of livelihoods for poor. While much has been done to improve agricultural production in the small-scale sector, little efforts has gone to improving productivity and marketing of small ruminants.

Challenges in front of livelihoods generation program is on two fronts, one scale and another inclusion of marginal resource owning, less formal educated rural poor, who normally can’t find employment or advantages of economic growth quickly. Goat and its value chain can provide employment and livelihoods to estimated 70 million families in India with 40 million in production & related input supply industries and 30 million in processing & trading of various outputs of goat business.

> To mainstream small livestock production and trade training

> To be recognized as one of the best learning center pertaining to small livestock based livelihoods in India and globally

> A knowledge powerhouse with reference materials, field documents, library

> Produces alumni who can make real change on the ground

> Caters to short term training to academically qualified professionals orienting towards grass root issues and participatory development approach

> Caters mid (6 months) terms training to less formal educated rural youth to enable them to be entrepreneur in livestock based business or sustainable service provider